About US

Our Mission

We believe in the healing power of essential oils. We believe that using them should be simple and safe, so that you can start feeling like your best self, naturally.

Our Story

After taking a look around, we were quick to discover there is no shortage of essential oils online. The prices, quality, and availability were almost as diverse as the sheer amount of products. But even in this crowded market, we found one major thing missing: simplicity. In 2018, we set out on a journey to make the highest quality essential oils more accessible, easier to use, and without costing a fortune. That way, including them in your day-to-day feels like a natural habit.

With all of this in mind, our “Daily Habits" bundle was born. A curated, simple collection of the most beneficial oils blended together in four portable roller bottles. In each roller, you can expect to find only the highest quality certified USDA organic natural products. Our oils are 100% pure, meaning they’re always free of pesticides, harmful solvents, fillers, synthetic adulterants, and fragrances. With daily use of our bundle, feeling like the best version of yourself has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to gain better energy, stronger immunity, mental clarity, or a center of calm – or let’s be real, ALL of the above – this bundle’s got you covered.

Our offices are located in Marina Del Rey, CA and our oils are manufactured in Concord, CA.